Lorenzo Vitolo "Changing Shapes"

Changing Shapes is Lorenzo Vitolo’s debut recording project, the songs were written during
different moments of his musical and artistic growth.
A common thread links these compositions, the continuous change of shapes and notes,
of spaces and times, of thoughts and feelings.
The project was realized in trio, with musicians with whom Lorenzo has already collaborated
playing in different concerts, in the city where they live,  Groningen in the Netherlands.
This trio has found a great unity, despite the geographical distances and the different musical
backgrounds of each musician.
Lorenzo Vitolo has a background of classical music and jazz studies, re-emerging into 
his compositions and performances. 
He gets continuously inspired by the study and listening of those who created before, and he
appropriately mixes his knowledge with the one offered by the infinite horizon  of this beautiful 
music that is jazz.
Rafael Abdalla, the double bass player, comes from San Paolo. He has three albums and a large number of participations in music and record projects by other musicians.
He contributes to the project with his deep understanding of the wonderful Brazilian music that 
he adds wisely with modern jazz sounds.
George Potamianos, the drummer, is from Patras, Greece. After his studies in Greece he moved to Holland to perfect his jazz studies. He is involved in various projects, and he always supports music with his great energy, with which he creates a powerful empathy with the other musicians and listeners.


Lorenzo Vitolo Trio

Lorenzo Vitolo Trio is composed by the pianist Lorenzo Vitolo, the double bass player Gabriele Pagliano and the drummer Lucio Miele.
The main idea that drives the developement of the band is to find originality and a powerful expressiveness using the sounds available in an acoustic trio setting.
They have been assiduously studying together since 2016, with the target of improving both as a band and as single musicians, playing their original compositions and and finding new arrangements for preexistent music.
The band is inspired by the sonorities of Afroamerican music, of be-bop and contemporary jazz. All the members have a classical music training that influences their way of arranging and playing jazz.
Each member of the band has participated to and won various competitions and received scholarships.
As a band instead they have been selected for the Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2017, and they have won the first prize of the competition held during the Italian Conservatories National Festival 2017.
They play in various jazz club and festivals such as Pozzuoli Jazz Festival 2016, EUROPAfest 2017 in Bucharest, Italian Conservatories National Festival 2017, San Leo Music Fest 2017, Festival Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés 2018, Jazz Alguer 2018.

Generations Unit 2018

The band was created during the Generations18 International Jazz Festival, composed by the best students of the workshop held during the festival.
The septet is composed by Kaelin Murphy on trumpet, Max Treutner on tenor sax,
Jack Courtright on trombone,  Lorenzo Vitolo on Piano, Silvan Joray on Guitar,
Tilman Oberbeck on Double bass and John Sturino on Drums.
Under the artistic direction of the trombone player Adrian Mears, the band is going to have a two-weeks tour during August 2019 in Switzerland

FrankieZ Experiment & Tereza Catarov

FrankieZ Experiment & Tereza Catarov is a project born in Groningen, Netherlands, as the expression of a musical journey experimented by a group of musicians who are connected by the same artistic vision. Each artist of this group comes from a different cultural environment (Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, and France) and has a different musical background. This cultural mixture makes their sound unique and kaleidoscopic.
As an immediate recognition of their original and fresh musical performance, the project won the 1st prize of the International Jazz in the Park Competition 2018. The initiator of the project is Frankie Ercsei (drums).
Together with Tereza Catarov (voice), he came up with some compositions which blend the European touch with the affinity for New York musicʼs energy.
Erdogan Cem Evin (guitar), Lorenzo Vitolo (piano), Daniele Nasi (tenor saxophone) and Patrice Blanchard (electric bass) bring a personal vibration to the experiment.

Focusyear Band 21

Focusyear is a one-year program for an internationally assembled ensemble of eight students, who will be coached in a regular cycle by acknowledged masters of the international Jazz scene.

The students selected for Focusyear receive a full scholarship covering tuition and the cost of living, in order to allow them to focus on music exclusively.

Over the course of the year, the ensemble creates concert programs and records an album, which will be produced in the school’s own recording studio. The band will perform regularly in the school’s Jazzcampus Club. The band is also playing selected concerts during the year Focusyear Band 21.
Tatiana Nova, vocal
Yakiv Tsvietinskyi, trumpet, trombone
Sebastián Greschuk, trumpet, trombone
Joshua Schofield, alto saxophone
Gianni Gagliardi, tenor saxophone
Lorenzo Vitolo, piano
Ethan Cohn, bass
Áron Tálas, drums